De 9 Straatjes - Shopping in Amsterdam

07/11/2012 15:02

You are searching for a great shopping spot in Amsterdam? We have a very special recommendation for you:

'The 9 Streets' or "De 9 Straatjes" in Dutch!

De 9 Straatjes are nine narrow and cute shopping streets, which are located between the Raadhuisstraat and the Leidsestraat and situated in the medieval center of the city. Coming from the  Royal Palace  on the Dam Square you get to the 9 Straatjes in just 2 minutes. This little shopping area is right in between the three main canals – the Herengracht, the Keizersgracht and the Prinsengracht and the 9 Straatjes are actually the nine little streets which are connecting these three main canals- Their names are Reestraat, Hartenstraat, Gasthuis Molensteeg, Berenstraat, Wolvenstraat, Oude Spiegelstraat, Runstraat, Huidenstraat and Wijde Heisteeg.

In these streets you find a large variety of shops, from fashion and jewellery over decoration for your home and accesssories to even a Spa and several hairdresser and much much more. If you are into vintage and second hand shops you won't be disappointed by the Nine Streets - also alternative fashion shops can be found there.

Have a break with a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy some dutch specialities while watching the people wandering around and escape the bustle of the city for some minutes. Trust me, there are so many inviting little cafés, that it will be difficult to decide for one.

9-straatjes-amsterdamDjoeke Wessing, a Dutch entrepreneur opened the first shop in the 9 Streets area and saw the potential of the area. So she decided to create an association to get other entrepreneur together and talk about ideas - after a short time the association became known as 'The 9 Streets' and more and more entrepreneurs decided to open shops in this outstanding beautiful part of the city. Nowadays the famous 9 Straatjes area is known to be one of the best shopping spots in the Netherlands.

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The Heineken Experience

30/10/2012 15:57


The Heineken Experience in Amsterdam is an unique experience and not be compared with any kind of museum. The four levels are filled with interactive experiences and you will learn everything about the fascinating world of Heineken! See, smell, hear and taste it.

The Heineken Experience is to be found in the former main brewery of Heineken, where the first Heineken was brewed in 1867. Later on in 1988 they moved the production into a more modern building and in 1991 the old brewery was turned into a visitor center which is called now “The Heineken Experience” - one of the mayor attractions of Amsterdam nowadays.

Get an insight into how Heineken produces its premium lager and smell and feel the ingredients of the famous beer. BUT: The Heineken Experience offers way more than just a visit to an ordinary brewery: you can follow the process of beer production, you can even touch it and.. no kidding: have a bath in a virtual brew kettle. The Heineken guides are waiting for you at each station.. so you are not in any hurry following a guided tour - take your time and stop at each station as long as YOU want!
The Heineken Experience is so popular that you find always a line for getting in in front of it. BUT you are clever and reading this blog.. so we recommend you to get your tickets online in advance and enjoy two advantages: 2 € cheaper AND skip the line! Couldn't be better, hm?! You can get the tickets here.
normal: 17 €
Internet: 15 €
Visitors under 18 need to be accompanied by an adult.
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Address: The Heineken Experience, Stadhouderskade 78, Amsterdam
Tram: 7, 10, 16, 24, 25
open: daily 11:00 – 19:00, June-August 10:30 – 21:00

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30/08/2012 14:00

The Vondelpark, which was named after the Dutch poet and writer Josst van den Vondel, is the most famous park in the Netherlands and with its 47 hectars the largest city park in Amsterdam, visited by around 10 million people every year. It is located in the city center: south from the Leidseplein and in walking distance from the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum.

It is a green oasis with lakes, trees, benches and children playgrounds and loved by locals and tourists - the perfect place for jogging, a picnic, roller-skating, skateboarding, a walk with the dog, having a drink in one of the bars and restaurants and simply for doing nothing and watching people strolling by.

The movie theater of the Netherlands Filmmuseum, is also located in the Vondelpark  - in the Vondelparkpaviljoen. You can watch there different kinds of movies, from silent films from the 19th century to contemporary digital productions (in summer also on the terrace) or visit their exhibitions and lectures.

In summer a lot of activities and events take place in the Vondelpark, such as the Openluchttheater from June to August, every year since the ‘70s. It is an Open Air Theater showing you movies and theater, dance and cabaret – for free.

Apart from that, every Friday the Fridaynightskate starts in front of the Filmmuseum, where thousands of people skate together around the city.

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Appel arts centrer in Amsterdam

23/04/2012 17:57

De Appel Art Center

De Appel is an internationally oriented arts centre in the centre of Amsterdam. Founded in 1975, actually is leading platform for research and the presentation of contemporary art.

De Appel has a programme of exhibitions and performances by visual artists, choreographers and theatre directors. In addition, under the title Appel on the side, it organizes a very broad programme of events, ranging from introductory talks to conferences lasting several days. As a publisher, de Appel publishes artist books and monographs, periodicals and anthologies of essays.

The programme comprises theory lessons, workshops, excursions, assignments and educational confrontations. The thematic focus is on “context-responsive curating” and the presentation of art in the public space.

Shop Lambiek in Amsterdam

16/02/2012 11:25

Lambic won't let you leave with nothing. You'll always leave the shop with something you've always really wanted to have, but just not realized until owner Klaas pointed you on it. Make sure you visit this special comic shop.


In the heart of Amsterdam at the Kerkstraat you can find this old comic shop. And old it is! Lambic is the oldest antiquarian comic shop in Europe and exists since 1968. Since that time the store has become a worldwide center for comic strip lovers. The shop name is coming from comic hero 'Lambic' famous from the comic strip Suske & Wiske.

This king of comic stores, offers, besides classical and rare titles (both in Dutch and English), the most recent and modern strips. If there is a title not available, there is the possibility to order.

Questions? Ask advice to Klaas or one of the other employees. They will have an answer to all of your comic related questions. As one client said:


''Hey you: my brother is looking for something about creative ways  for rabbits to commit suicides, which Klaas responds with' Andy Riley! "and he rushes to the shelf of comic books about creative ways to commit suicide for rabbits. Or you'll say 'do you have anything like Persepolis, but then another dictatorship anywhere in the world? "Klaas then turns the graphic novel "Pyongyang" by Guy Delisle. For antiquarian comic Lambic has that sort of thing. Like everything else you can think of, and more.''

Even if you're not going to buy a comic book, when you even really not like comics, still Lambic is worth a visit. Klaas and his staff are going to surprise you. Join the world of comics and pre-visit the shop trough the website.



Bookstore Mulder in Amsterdam

11/01/2012 11:47

''I love this store! One of those places I remember during my holiday shopping''

Not just bookworms are in their element here, this store offers much, much more than 'just' books. Let's take a look at the versatility of Mulder.

Since 1931 the Mulder bookstore is located in the Cornelis Schuytstraat, near the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. Since that time the reputation of the store considerably grew and found itself having a diverse and loyal customer base. Not surprising, as this area is known for its many exclusive and above all specialized shops.

Mulder bookstore is no exception. The special range of books, magazines and greeting cards perfectly match to this diverse customer base. From international news magazines to lifestyle glossy and fashion magazines. From literature to children's books and from interior to cookbooks. For each customer there is exactly what he or she needs.

In addition, the bookstore has a special and particularly vast department with extensive national and international newspapers and magazines. Not only Dutch, but also Turkish, British, American, German and French newspapers and magazines can be found here. Mulder is in that perspective prepared for each customer.

There is also a section CDs and DVDs and last but not least a diverse, frequently changing, selection of greeting cards and a compact, but useful, variety of office supplies.

Reading does the staff probaly a lot, because they are aware of everything and know an answer to nearly all of your questions. Many customers tend to linger around longer than they initially planned, but it is not their fault, they can't help their selves!

Became curious? Take a look at their website and see their current stock of products.


Arti Choc Amsterdam

15/12/2011 11:29

Let yourself be surrounded by chocolate


Winter has come, so this time I want to suggest you the perfect way to warm up your time in Amsterdam.

In the classy Amsterdam-South you can find Arti Choc. A patisserie with an extensive selection of nearly 50 types of chocolates and truffles. The idea in Arti choc is working with pure high standards ingredients with the possible omission of sugar. This way they produce a wide variety of chocolate and also give the possibility to people with different allergies and food intolerances to also try their fine delicacies. They have products that range from lactose free to gluten free and cocoa free.


In the summer there is Italian ice cream available specially made by the traditional ice specialist Monte Pelmo.

In the open kitchen besides the shop they mix passion, art, and capacity. The results are incredible.

In the shop they have allot of fun and original articles about creatively designed chocolates which are suitable for many occasions. Things like: champagne bottles, coffee pots, wedding couples, pianos, baby bottles, sweet jars, cigars, Oscars, shells, pods, lady shoes, delft blue tiles, wooden shoes, tulips, CD's, etc. Everyone of these little work of art are solely made out of that irresistible chocolate!



Everybody here will find his sweety style!

Koninginneweg 141
1075 CM Amsterdam

Tel: 020-4709805

Waterlooplein Flea Market in Amsrterdam

21/11/2011 09:07

Anyone crazy for Flea Market? Look at this!

If you like going around for markets, Amsterdam is surely a good place. There are ancient markets, now full of colored and funny people, where you can find almost anything. In my markets tour, I was really impressed by Waterlooplein Flea Market.

This is traditionally the oldest and most interesting market of Amsterdam connected with the youth culture: it is a place for second hand goods and antiques, and full of general bric-a-brac.

You can buy here trendy clothes, old objects, lamps, military uniforms, handcraft from Asia and Africa, old books: almost anything with competitive prices!

The flea market is in the former Jewish quarter and dates back to 1893, when it was open every day except the Sabbath.

These days the Waterlooplein market is open every day except for Sundays and public holidays from 10 am to 6 pm.

It’s served by trams and the subway. If you’re driving, you could park at the Town Hall for a fee, so it'a very easy to reach.

The atmosphere is warm and the location really nice.

Don't miss it!


Waterlooplein, 1011 PG Amsterdam

How to get there
Walking: ca. 15 minutes from the Dam square, east. Located behind the Red Light District,

in a direct proximity of the Rembrandt House. .

Tram: 1, 2, 5, 13 from Magna Plaza or 14 from Central Station (stop: Stadhuis)

With the car: You should reach the Waterlooplein arriving from the IJtunnel or the Wibautstraat and park your car in a big, underground parking under the Town hall (het Stadhuis). The entry to the parking has been clearly indicated.


Video Waterlooplein Market

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