Bookstore Mulder in Amsterdam

11/01/2012 11:47

''I love this store! One of those places I remember during my holiday shopping''

Not just bookworms are in their element here, this store offers much, much more than 'just' books. Let's take a look at the versatility of Mulder.

Since 1931 the Mulder bookstore is located in the Cornelis Schuytstraat, near the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. Since that time the reputation of the store considerably grew and found itself having a diverse and loyal customer base. Not surprising, as this area is known for its many exclusive and above all specialized shops.

Mulder bookstore is no exception. The special range of books, magazines and greeting cards perfectly match to this diverse customer base. From international news magazines to lifestyle glossy and fashion magazines. From literature to children's books and from interior to cookbooks. For each customer there is exactly what he or she needs.

In addition, the bookstore has a special and particularly vast department with extensive national and international newspapers and magazines. Not only Dutch, but also Turkish, British, American, German and French newspapers and magazines can be found here. Mulder is in that perspective prepared for each customer.

There is also a section CDs and DVDs and last but not least a diverse, frequently changing, selection of greeting cards and a compact, but useful, variety of office supplies.

Reading does the staff probaly a lot, because they are aware of everything and know an answer to nearly all of your questions. Many customers tend to linger around longer than they initially planned, but it is not their fault, they can't help their selves!

Became curious? Take a look at their website and see their current stock of products.