Flower market Amsterdam: floating smells

25/10/2011 10:39

Tulips_AmsterdamAmsterdam is well known for its flower tradition.

You can buy flowers almost everywhere in the city, but there is a special place you can’t miss!

The floating flower market is located on one of the oldest canals in Amsterdam, and it’s a place of interest all over the year.

It is 150 years old and its variety of flowers is really huge.

You will find there all sorts of tulips, typical in Holland. Anyway, whatever your favorite flower, you are bound to find it here.

The flower stalls stand on the houseboat and they sell also every kind of bulbs, just ready for export, and easier to enjoy if you are standing in Amsterdam just for few days.

It’s open all year, but of course the offerings of live flowers and plants are seasonal.

Every day you can have a walk from 9.00am to 5.30pm in the most typical paradise of flowers.

You will find everything else related to the flower trade for both tourists and locals.

Prices are reasonable: for example you can get several tulip bulbs for one euro even in small quantities. Pay attention respect to certain types of bulbs that can be brought into the US or Canada.

The  Flower market is very central located, along the Singel Canal between Dam Square and Rembrantplein, easy to rich by walk from most hotels in the center.



Singel 610-616
Amsterdam, Países Bajos
020 6258282

Flower market in Amsterdam